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Welcome to Destination Guides by FareOne.com. Search our comprehensive travel guides by region, country or city. If you’re not sure where to begin, consider reading an overview about a region or country you’ve always been interested in traveling to.
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From Las Vegas to Bangkok--and 25,000 destinations in between--FareOne Travel Guides contain more than 1.4 million travel tips written by real travelers and locals. Unbiased reviews of hotels and restaurants, shopping recommendations, must-see attractions, transportation advice, tourist traps, and much more.

And since all of FareOne’s travel tips and photos are posted by real people, you’re sure to find useful tips that speak to you and the way that you like to travel: whether you’re a backpacker or a luxury traveler, a 20-something or a 60-something, taking a day trip or traveling overseas.

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Your home town? Your favorite city? A remote destination where you recently vacationed? Wherever it may be, you are a goldmine of insider info. Share your experiences when you write a travel tip. With FareOne, sharing your valuable travel insights with others around the world is quick and easy.

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FareOne has more than 775,000 registered members from over 220 countries and territories around the globe. Meet members online when you read about their travel experiences. Like their travel pages? Find their tips helpful? Leave them a comment on their personal page. Have a question about one of their tips? Send them an email. New members are often surprised by how friendly and helpful the FareOne community can be.
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FareOne searches multiple travel sites at once to help you quickly and easily find your best deal. Just enter dates and destinations, and within seconds you'll be comparing deals from the leading travel sites of your choice. Select your favorite hotel, flight, car rental or cruise deal, and book it knowing that you found your best deal.

Researching hotels on FareOne? Look for the OneTime comparison box on specific hotels. In seconds you’ll be comparing rates from competitive travel deal providers.
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From cheap car rentals and promotional airfares, to discounted hotel rates and package coupons, the Web is rich with travel deals, and this is where FareOne Customers share those that they’ve found. Browse hundreds of money saving offers on cruises, flights, accommodations and much more.

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Tips are rated and sorted on helpfulness; so the higher a tip’s rating, the more easily it’s found on FareOne. And when your own tips get ratings, you’ll know how good it feels to have other FareOne Customers acknowledging you. It’s kind of like a virtual pat on the back.


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